I am a big fan of the professional paintball player Ryan Podesta's shop.  He is a conscientious and capable airsmith and as knowledgeble as it comes when it comes to paintball equipment.  Best of all he will not try to sell you or your kids things that they do not need and will be very happy to tell you how to get into the exciting sport from beginner to professional level.  Ryan and his staff are the best!
— Darrell R.
Excellent shop for paintball gear, If they don't have it in stock they will order it. Professional advice from a pro paintballer....its like buying a football from Alex Smith! Ryan knows his equipment and will give you quality honest advice.
— Linda H.
been playing paintball while, so I'm a longterm costumer to 31st. always great deals and a great environment. the staff is very knowledgable, specifically Jon aka sunshine.
— Bradley T.
I've been to this place a few times, and man is it cool. I've never played paintball before, nor owned a paintball gun, but i'm an avid airsoft guy. Before going online and giving my money to those big guys in SoCal, I'll hit up 31st for BB's, gas, magazines, upgrades, and any other thing I'd need! They even do special orders if you need any specific items and they price match the bigger airsoft retailers in the US. I've done price comparisons, and 31st's prices are as fair as they can get! So the next time that you're out looking for some airsoft or paintball gear, hit up 31st Outfitters!
— Westley S.
Kudo's to Ryan and his staff.  It is so great to have a spot to go where the folks are knowledgeable, sincere and customer focused.

My grandson is an Airsoft buff and both the store and the Playland action site are just what the doctor ordered.
— Duane R.
I am pretty new to paintball... I started playing about three months ago and I am hooked.  Ryan (the owner of Thirty First) manages the local Escape indoor paintball field and he was one of the first people I interacted with at Escape.  Both my wife and I felt very welcomed as newbies to the sport at Escape.  After this good experience we visited Thirty First to purchase paint and some other paintball stuff.

Ryan is super knowledgeable about anything paintball (he's a pro paintballer after all).  Almost any gun, hopper, equipment, etc... he can tell you the pros and cons of it, etc.  He doesn't try to sell you stuff you don't need so no pressure sales at all.  I really like having a local store where I can get help with my gun when I need it or order parts, etc.

He can probably fix any gun and he's fast.  He's very friendly and honest and you get great customer service.  The prices are what you would pay online but you get the local support.  You really can't ask for more from a shop.

We have taken our guns there for repair, bought equipment including hoppers, jerseys, parts, etc.  We have had lots of transactions with this store in the last few months and they have all been great.
— T.J.
The best paintball shop around. You can't go wrong with this shop as it's dedicated to paintballing and airsoft! The owner is awsome too, he will answer all your noobie questions. They sell great quality products at a great cost!
—Dan M.
The people who work here a very knowledgeable about paintball. I took my friends gun in there and he knew exactly what type of gun it was and fixed it really quick. I will always go to this place for my paintball needs. Very good prices on their equipment too.
— Zackary F.
Great to see some brick and motar paintball stores around.

I found this place by accident when I was meeting some friends at the brewery next door.

They have a great amount of stock and guns ranging from beginner to professional. Lots of paint options, and if your into air soft stuff. The owner also has fields too.

If your new, or you enjoy having these kinda stores still around shop local!
— Joe B.
Ryan is awesome in providing knowledge of the latest and past technologies to customers....MacDev Techs Ryan and Gabe on site to ensure proper functioning markers.  Customer service is beyond excellent and I want people to know there are still store owners that care about paintball as a whole....Thanks to Ryan and Gabe.  I appreciate it.
— Mike B.
Once again Ryan showed me the way....
MacDev Clone 5s.....Gabe assisted with the setup....and met THE MacDev James Grundy....AWESOME customer service.
I drove out of the way and was not disappointed.....Northern California MacDev support is a great thing.....I had a MacDev Cyborg 2006.....I now own a MacDev Cyborg 6 and MacDev Clone 5s!!!!
I appreciate paintball players that keep the sport going by providing products and places to play....PLAYER SINCE 1988!
-Noel D.